Let's All Go Down To The River
Jody Miller & Johnny Paycheck; Bill & Gloria Gaither; Etta James; others 1972
  (Bogan 1338)   David Davis, Tommy White


Sides face, grand square
Let's all go down to the river
There's a man who's walking on the water
Come along with me, we'll go down and see

Now when you get back home, those 4 ladies chain
Chain them on over, you turn and chain 'em home
Well keep this girl, promenade go walking round you go
Raise your hands up to the sky, wave as you go by
See that man walking on the water

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Head couples promenade it's halfway around
Go down the middle a right & left thru, turn the girl and then
Square thru get 4, go walking round the floor
Dosado go round the corner Sue, look her in the eye
Touch 1/4, scoot back, scoot back again
You star thru, and promenade go walking round the ring
Well come along with me, we'll do down and see
That man walking on the water

Contains a "blended" movement: Scoot Back followed by Star Thru.

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