I Like Your Kind Of Love
  (Bogan 1166)   Billy Dittemore


Allemande left go allemande thar
Go right & left and make a star
The men back up and make a right hand star
Now shoot that star to the heavens whirl
Go right & left to the second girl
The men back up and you've got another star
Shoot that star and weave the ring, it's in and out you go
Every other girl and every other boy you walk on heel and toe
Then promenade go round the ring
Take a little walk with the pretty little thing
Now you swing
I like your kind of love, honey you know I do

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Heads go up and come on back
1/2 square thru across the track
Split those sides and make a line of 4
Up to the middle and back
Box the gnat across from you
Come right back with a right & left thru
Now turn your girl and then we'll star thru
Now dive thru, pass thru, corner lady swing
You swing and whirl then promenade, walk her around the ring
Honey, babe, I like the way you dance with me
Now swing at home and you will see
I like your kind of love


You know I do, honey babe
You know I do honey babe, yeah

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