That's What I Like About The South
Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys; Asleep At The Wheel 1933
  (Kalox 1242)   C.O. Guest


Walk around that corner lady, come on home a dopaso
Partner left and don't you know
Corner by the right and don't be slow
Partner left, allemande thar
Men to the middle in a back up star
Back in and not too far, easy like a brand new car
Slip the clutch, left allemande
Meet your honey go right & left grand
Right & left all night long
Meet your honey and promenade home
Let's go back to Alabama, let's go see my dear old mammy
Frying eggs and cooking hammy
That's what I like about the south

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Heads (sides) promenade by two halfway round you do
Into the middle and square thru 4 hands say how are you
Lookin' good and when you're through, swing thru that outside two
Say now we've just begun, boys run and have fun
Ferris wheel is what you do, center 2 you square thru 3
3/4 round you go to the corner swing and promenade
There you won't make no mistakey
And your nevers are never shakey
You should taste her layer cakey
That's what I like about the south


She's got baked bean and candied yams
Sugar cured Virginia hams
A basement full of them berry jams
That's what I like about the south

A cornbread and turnip greens, ham hocks and butter beans
A mardi gras down in New Orleans
That's what I like about the south

Down where the cane grows tall
Down where they say "you all"
Walk on in with that southern drawl
That's what I like about the south

A place down south called do-wa-didy
It ain't no town and it ain't no city
I don't know but it sure is pretty
That's what I like about do-wa-didy

Here comes that man with all the news
A box back coat and button shoes
All paid up with his union dues
That's what I like about the south

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