April Showers
Al Jolson 1921
  (Bogan 1198)   Cal Lambert


Walk all around the corner girl, turn partner left
Men star right now, go around that set
Star promenade your lady, go walking around the land
The men back out, the girls star left one time around and then
Turn partner by the right, left allemande
Dosado your own, then promenade
Go walking with your lady, take her home and swing and sway
Whenever April showers come your way

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

4 ladies chain across then roll away
Join up hands, circle left go around that way
Left allemande then corner girl, and then go allemande thar
Go right & left, the men back in and make a right hand star
Just the girls circulate, left allemande
Dosado your own, that corner swing
And then you promenade this lady, go home and swing I say
Whenever April showers come your way

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