Your Heart Turned Left
George Jones 1964
  (Bogan 1177)   Billy Dittemore


Join your hands, circle left around that ring
Circle to the left around you go and hear me sing
Why don't you allemande your corner,
come on back and box the gnat
Let the 4 little ladies promenade the set
Turn partner right with your right hand,
find the corner allemande
Come on back and dosado and then you'll promenade the land
Your heart turned left and I was on the right
Why don't you take her right back home and swing tonight

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

1st and 3rd lead to the right, circle 4 around that track
Head gents break, make a little line, go walking up and back
Pass thru, wheel & deal, a double pass thru
First couple right, next one left, go right & left thru you do
Star thru across, square thru 3/4 round
Oh swing your corner lady, yeah, you swing her around
Promenade this lady go walking two by two
You'll take her right back home and swing this Sue


Bow to your partner, corners all, keeno kids that's all

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