Song Sung Blue
Neil Diamond 1972
  (Top 25346)   Wally Cook

OPENER - CLOSER    Mainstream

Head couples pass thru, separate go round one
Squeeze in, make a line, forward and back you run
Star thru, and everybody double pass thru
Cloverleaf go round and new centers square thru 3
3/4 around to a left allemande
Come back and swing, promenade round the land
You and me are subject to
Those song sung blues

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

Head ladies flutter wheel full around you go
Same 4 curlique, walk & dodge
Circle 4, break right out and make a line of 4
Curlique, coordinate
Boys move up, wheel & deal and then pass thru
Swing your corner, promenade you do
Funny things can make you sing
Those song sung blues


Circle left
Song sung blues like a willow
Song sung blues on my pillow

Left allemande, dosado your own
Boys star left one time
Curlique, boys run right, left allemande
Swing with your girl, promenade the land
Shake out the blues and sing a happy song
No more song sung blues

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