Banjo Pickers Ball
Original Dixieland Jass Band; Six Brown Brothers; Ella Fitzgerald; many others 1915
  (ESP 513)   Bob Newman


4 ladies promenade once around you go
Back home swing the man you know
Join hands circle left go moving round you go
Allemande left and weave the ring
Weave it in and out around the ring you go
When you meet swing your girl and promenade
Promenade your bride, go walking side by side
To the Banjo Pickers Ball

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads star thru, pass thru, circle 4
Break right out to a line of 4
Move forward up to the middle and back
Pass thru, wheel and deal
The center two star thru, pass thru, cloverleaf
New center two square thru 3/4 round the ring
Swing that corner lady and promenade I sing
Promenade the ring, go walkin' I sing
To the Banjo Pickers Ball


Bow to the partner, corners all
Hold her there, that's it that's all

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