Southern Rain
Mel Tillis 1980
  (Red Boot 266)   Johnny Jones


4 ladies chain about 3/4 round and go
Turn the girl and roll away then circle to the left you know
Walk around that corner and see saw round your own
Allemande left the corner and you weave the ring you roam
Southern rain, from the coast of Mississippi
Southern rain

Dosado and promenade
I can't dip in the Jordan seven times to ease a pain
But I can pray for help and hope for southern rain

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Heads (sides) promenade halfway around the ring and go
Come down the middle, right & left thru and turn the girl you know
Flutter wheel in the middle, come on sweep 1/4 more
Pass thru, go right & left thru, then you roll away
Pass thru, u-turn back and swing the corner there
Do an allemande new corner, then promenade the square
You may not believe my story and you may say I'm insane
But the closest thing to home's old southern rain


Pray for help and hope for southern rain

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