Somebody Stole My Gal
Johnnie Ray; Cab Calloway 1918
  (Top 25025)   Ed Michl


Allemande your corner, turn your own with a catch all eight
Back with the left, full turn around your date
4 ladies chain, chain, chain, straight across the square
Chain 'em right on back again, do a dopaso start from there
Turn corner by the right, your partner left hand swing
Gents star right, it's once around the ring, pass your girl
Left allemande, gonna weave the town
Go round and round till your own you found
Take your sugar, promenade her home
Nobody stole your gal

FIGURE    Basic, no progression

Allemande left your corner girl, and dosado your pet
1 & 3 square thru 4 hands around you bet
To the outside two make a right hand star, turn that star around
Heads star left in the center, go once around
Pick up your corner, star promenade around the ring
Back out and circle left again, stop
Men left square thru 4 hands around
Left allemande, dosado your own
Take your corner, promenade her home
Somebody stole your gal

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