Bed Of Roses
The Statler Brothers 1971
  (Hi Hat 404)   Lee Schmidt


4 ladies promenade the inside
Box the gnat at home and then you swing
Now join hands, circle left, go walkin'
Left allemande that corner, weave the ring
This bed of roses that I live in
Dosado, promenade her hand in hand
You're just a memory of my love, dear
And the only kind of life I understand

FIGURE    Mainstream, no progression

The heads square thru 4 hands, don't be late
Now dosado, go round the two you know
Swing thru, boys trade, girls circulate
Turn thru, left allemande you go
Dosado your partner, swing the corner
Swing and promenade her, I suppose
Take a long walk home, go through the garden
From this bramble bush of life I picked a rose

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