Ol' Showboat
Stonewall Jackson 1963
  (Prairie 1041)   Darryl Lipscomb


Heads lead, star the route
*I flew into Dallas feeling kinda low
Thought I'd make me a bit of change at the rodeo
I heard the line boss saying, you ornery cowpokes
15 bills to any man who can ride Showboat

Circle to the left and go, left allemande you know
Swing your lady there and promenade
**Hold the reins, watch the change
Turn him loose, that cayuse I'm gonna ride

FIGURE    Plus, unknown progression

Head (side) two couples square thru 4 hands around you go
Around the corner lady there, do a dosado
Make your wave and the ladies trade, spin the top and then
Move right along and box the gnat, fan the top you know
Recycle and go, star thru and roll
Swing the corner lady and promenade
Hold the reins, watch the change
Turn him loose, that cayuse I'm gonna ride


*He bucked me once a running, then he looked me in the eye
I slid down around his neck reaching for the sky
Then he sent me flying, like a little bird
Lord, I think when I came down I ate ten pounds of dirt

**Hold the reins, ain't it a shame
That cayuse done thrown me loose and broke me up

*I woke up in the general, feeling kinda hurt
Till I saw a blue-eyed blonde, turned out to be my nurse
She fixed me up in patches and love I thought was free
Till she said, "now cowboy, you're gonna marry me"

**Hold the reins, ain't it a shame
I'm getting married and ol' Showboat you're to blame

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