For Once In My Life   (MacGregor 2103)   Kenny McNabb

Now you allemande your corner, dosado your partner
The men star left go once around
Put your arm around your partner, now star promenade her
For once in my life I'll be strong
Now men back out a full turn, 4 ladies chain across
Turn and chain that lady home and then
Why you roll promenade once my friend
We'll start this ole song once again

FIGURE    Basic, R-H lady progression

Well those 4 ladies chain, gonna turn the pretty lady
Those sides square thru about 4 times
You swing thru and then, the boys run to the right
Why couples circulate, move up and then, wheel & deal
Now pass thru, then trade by, that corner lady swing
Swing the corner lady, well promenade that ring
For once in my life I have someone who really needs me


Oh, walk around your corner, come back gonna swing for
Swing for me

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