Say It With Music
Paul Whiteman 1921
  (MacGregor 2097)   Art Springer


All four ladies chain across, turn them you know
Roll away a half sashay, circle you go
Left allemande, do an allemande thar
Go right and left, men back in a right hand star
Slip the clutch, left allemande, grand right and left
When you meet your partner, promenade the set
You promenade her round that old land
And we will say it with music again

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Head (side) couples promenade halfway round you go
Lead to the right and circle, make a line of four you know
Forward up and come on back, right & left thru
Flutter wheel, girls turn, boys follow too
Spin the top along the line, turn thru for me
Swing that corner girl, promenade
Let's promenade hand in hand
And we will say it with music again

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