Alabamy Bound   (MacGregor 2095)   Kenny McNabb

Well now the four little ladies chain
You're gonna turn 'em, chain 'em home again
Join your hands circle left round, take your time
Left allemande, you're gonna weave that ole line
That ole Mississippi line
You meet your honey gonna dosado
Same lady swing and then you all promenade
Sing with this maid, you're Alabama bound

FIGURE    A1, R-H lady progression

Head (side) two ladies chain
2 & 4 (1 & 3) square thru, four hands
Four hands round and now you all star thru
Flutter wheel will do
Take your time and when you're through, cross trail thru
That ole corner you swing, left allemande and promenade that ring
You promenade your lady, take a long walk
Sing with your maid, you're Alabama bound


You're Alabama, you're Alabama, you're Alabama bound

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