Goodnite Little Girl   (Longhorn 1022)   Rocky Strickland

4 ladies chain you go
Join hands and circle left you know
Roll away 1/2 sashay and circle left not too far
Left allemande and do an allemande thar
Go right & left, men back in and star
Shoot the star with a full turn and roll promenade
That ring on your finger tells me not to linger
Goodnight little girl, goodnight

FIGURE    Mainstream, unknown progression

Heads promenade halfway you know
Down the middle, pass thru and a partner trade you go
You square thru 4 hands around
Go all the way and then a right & left thru
Swing thru and let the boys trade
Boys run, tag the line, face left and promenade
Promenade that ring, you've had your little fling
Goodnight little girl, goodnight

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