Love Thief   (Blue Star 1584)   Larry Wylie

Bow to your corner, partners all
4 ladies chain across the hall
Turn 'em circle left you know
Allemande left from where you are
Right & left then form a star
Men back in to a right hand star
Now shoot that star and weave the ring, go out and in
And when you meet her, promenade my friend
Take a little walk go two by two
You swing her and she'll swing you
Love thief, that's what you are

FIGURE    Basic, R-H lady progression

Heads to the center star by the left
Turn that star to the corner, pet
Put an arm around, walk right along
Hubs back out, circle up 8
Circle to the left and don't get straight
Head two go right & left thru
Same two star thru, left allemande
Walk by your partner, swing the next one, man
Promenade go six by nine, get on home, you're doing fine
Love thief, that's what you are

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