Back In Your Own Backyard
Al Jolson 1927
  (Top 25018)   Chip Hendrickson


Do an allemande left, come home and dosado
Go back, swing your corner gal around
The men star left to the girl you just swung
Box the gnat, change hands, allemande left
Now weave around the ring until you meet that old girl
Hey dosado, cause she's your pearl
Then do an allemande left, come home and promenade
Back to your own backyard

FIGURE    A1, unknown progression

Head couples cross trail thru, now go round just one
You make a line, go forward 8 and back
Now cross trail again, do an allemande left
Go right & left, then y'all turn back one
Walk all around your corner lady, home and you swing
Hey, you've got your baby, promenade then
*You'll find that happiness lies, right before your eyes
Back in your own backyard


*You've been lookin' in vain for castles in Spain
You'll find 'em back in your own backyard

*You'd better take my advice, you'll find that livin's nice
Right back in your own backyard

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