Red, Red Robin
Sophie Tucker; Al Jolson 1926
  (Top 25005)   Chip Hendrickson


Allemande left your corner, go right & left
Make an allemande thar, the men back in around the set
Shoot it, full turn, corner right, wrong-way thar
Gents back again
You live, love, laugh and be happy
Shoot it, left allemande and weave the ring
Hey in and out till you meet that girl and then
Promenade 8, move it man, and sing me a song
When the red, red, robin goes bob, bob, bobbin' along


Walk all around your corner, turn your partner by the left
Girls star right, gents promenade outside that old set
Pass her once, let 'er go, second time you turn her left
Four ladies chain across the set
Now roll away and catch all 8 with the next
It's halfway around, back by the left and take this girl
Promenade 8 with this gal, sing me a song
As the red, red, robin goes bob, bob, bobbin' along

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