Go Star Thru
  (Top 25001)   Ed Michl


Allemande left your corner girl and dosado your own
Men star left go once around until you meet your own
Weave the ring, go in and out, pass 'em with a smile
Meet your girl, go star thru, face sunnyside out a while
Eight roll away, left allemande
Go right & left grand hand over hand
You promenade and now we're on our way
Yes, we're goin' and we're gonna have a happy time

FIGURE    A1, corner progression

Heads half promenade inside the square
Go right, circle with that pair
Head gents break and make a line, go forward, star thru
Right & left thru, here's a cue, now you're gonna star thru
Cross trail to your corner, left hand turn this girl
4 ladies chain across the way
You chain 'em back, turn twice that way
Roll promenade we haven't got a dime
But we're goin' and we're gonna have a happy time

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