Glory Hallelujah
Jaye P. Morgan; Johnny Cash; many others 1861
  (Blue Star 1625)   Andy Andrus


Dosado round your corner girl,
and then around your Jane

Join hands, circle left, circle round that ring
Those gents right hand star, go once around and then
Allemande left, grand right & left around
Singing glory, glory, hallelujah
Dosado your own, promenade that lady home
Promenade that ring, get back home and swing
And we'll go dancing on

FIGURE    Basic, no progression

1 & 3 go up and back, then do a right & left thru
2 & 4 star thru, pass thru and split those two
Around one you go, in that middle square thru
4 hands around and corner swing
4 ladies promenade, go once around that ring
Box the gnat and swing, promenade that pretty thing
Singing glory, glory, hallelujah, and we'll go dancing on

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