I'll Come Running
Connie Smith 1967
  (Big Mac 78)   John Eubanks


Walk all around the corner girl, seesaw your own
Join hands, circle left, go moving around the ring
All the men star right, go one time tonight
Find the corner, allemande left and weave the ring
It's been so long since I held you tight
Swing your lady around and promenade tonight
I don't care who was wrong or who was right
I'll come running to you

FIGURE    Plus, corner progression

Head (side) two couples square thru 4 hands around
Meet the sides and make a right hand star
Now all the heads star left one time around
Come on out and do a right & left thru
Rollaway 1/2 sashay, and single circle 1/2
Swing your corner girl and promenade
I'll be around when that new love turns you down
I'll come running to you


I'll come running to you

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