Freight Train
Peter, Paul and Mary; Chet Atkins; many others 1907
  (Windsor 4948)   Warren Rowles


4 ladies promenade once around and swing
Old freight train now comin' down the line
Do an allemande left, you do an allemande thar
Go right & left, the men wheel in and star
Shoot that star, go full around, that corner box the gnat
Grand old right & left now go chuggin' down that track
When you meet your lady you promenade the line
Oh! Freight train gotta stay on time

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

1 & 3 square thru 4 hands around you know
Dosado the corner once around, get set to go
Swing thru and then you spin the top for me
The same old two go right & left thru
Why don't you square thru 3/4, that corner lady swing
Swing that girl around and promenade that ring
You promenade your lady to the end of the track
Swing her once and whe'll be coming back


Oh! Freight train's made it home on time

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