Dancing Doll   (Windsor 4933)   Andy Petrere

Join hands circle to the left go walking round you go
Reverse back, single file you know
Girls back track around that land one time, when you meet your man
Turn thru, left allemande, weave the ring
Go in and out around until you meet your maid
Dosado, promenade
Promenade around that ring, take her home and then
Swing with me, you're my dancing doll

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

Heads promenade, you go about halfway
Come down the middle and do the right & left thru
Roll away, 1/2 sashay, move up to the middle and back
Star thru, dosado once around,
Square the barge go 3/4
Round to the corner lady, swing
Swing that girl and promenade that ring
Promenade around that ring, you take her home and then
You swing with me, you're my dancing doll

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