Square Dance Soft And Low
Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys 1946
  (Kalox 1180)   Bill Castner


Allemande left your corner girl, dosado your pretty pearl
4 ladies promenade the inside ring, clap for 'em boys
Pass your partner, swing your corner and then we'll circle left
You circle left around the ring we go
Roll away, grand right & left until you meet your own
When you meet that lady, you do a little dosado
Promenade go round the ring, promenade that pretty thing
While the band plays a square dance soft and low

FIGURE    C4, unknown progression

Head two couples do a 1/2 sashay, box the gnat across the way
Now square thru 4 hands around you go
Curlique with the outside two, split circulate you do
Boys run, reverse that flutter now
Sweep 1/4 more, dive thru and curlique
Left allemande, come back do a dosado
Promenade around the world, promenade your pretty girl
While the band plays a square dance soft and low

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