You're The Only World I Know
Sonny James (1964); Kitty Wells (1965) 1964
  (Kalox 1136)   Vaughn Parrish


Join up hands and circle left you know
Left allemande, come back a dosado
Gents star left once around that town
Box the gnat, then weave the wrong way round
You're my night time and my day
Swing her, then promenade I say
You're the one I can't let go
You're the only, only world I know

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Well now those heads promenade about halfway
Lead to the right and circle 4 I say
Make a line, move up and back you go
Star thru and do a dosado you know
Pass thru and swing the corner there
Left allemande, then promenade that square
How I hate to let you go
You're the only, only world I know

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