Tico Tico
Carmen Miranda; The Andrews Sisters; Isabell Boulay 1917
  (Kalox 1017)   Singin' Sam Mitchell

FIGURE    Mainstream, R-H lady progression

Why don't you docey corner and you swing your own
You swing your lady round and round and promenade
You promenade go round but don't you dare slow down
You keep on a walking round the ring
Well now, the heads wheel around, go right & left thru
Star thru across, start an eight chain thru
Those marimbas will play and latin lovers will say
The tico tico is the dance for you to do

You meet those same two, pass thru and left allemande
Pass one lady, promenade the land
You promenade your lady round the ring
While the tico tico plays you will sing


Join hands and form a ring you circle left I sing
You circle all the way around you roam
You get back home and then the corner left allemande
And you weave around the ring you roam
When you meet with your lady, dosado right there
Men star left go once around the square
Turn partners right, where they are make a wrong way thar
You back on in and make a left hand star
Shoot the star, find the corner girl, a left allemande
Come back and promenade your lady round the land
You promenade go walking round the ring
While the tico tico plays you will sing

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