Shanty Town
Ted Lewis and His Band; Johnny Long; many others 1932
  (MacGregor 8825)   Fenton Jones


1 & 3 you'll promenade just half around the town
2 & 4 right & left thru, 4 ladies star around
By the right around you go, partners left a dopaso
Your partners left, your corners right, your partners left and go
To your right hand lady a right hand swing, your partners box the flea
Promenade, go walkin, talkin' round the ring with me
Promenade your lady round, take her home to settle down
In your shanty in old Shanty Town


1 & 3 square thru 4 hands round you go
Cross trail thru, the sides around just one (into the middle) you know
Box the gnat with your Sue, face the middle, 1/2 square thru
Split the sides, line up 4, go forward 8 and back
Bend the line, pass thru, u-turn back and then
Right & left thru the other way back, your corners allemande
Come back one, dosado, swing that gal in calico
To your shanty in old Shanty Town

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