Irving Berlin; Rudy Vallee; Tommy Dorsey; The Bachelors; Willie Nelson; many others 1928
  (MacGregor 1003)   Joel Pepper


Circle left
Marie, the dawn is breaking
So swing my heart is aching
Promenade around the ring, hey Joe
Gents turn in, star right, go twice around
Turn 'em left once and a half and
Let the girls star right around the ring, same gent
You box the flea and promenade, you promenade home
With Marie, that sweet Marie

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Why don't the heads promenade halfway round
Go down the middle and swing the opposite girl
You swing round and round, face the middle
Pass thru, round about one you go, star right you know
When you meet that corner girl
Allemande left that corner girl, dosado your own
Corner swing and promenade round the ring
You promenade home with Marie, that sweet Marie

November 1963.

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