Hey, Good Looking   (MacGregor 919)   Jerry Helt

Allemande your corner
Right hand round the partner
Men star left, go once around that ring
right elbow turn the partner, allemande your corner
Grand right & left, you're gonna hear me sing
It's a right & left grand, around you go
And you dosado when you meet your beau
And the allemande left with the corner maid
Take mother and promenade
Hey, hey, good looking
What ya got cooking

Won't ya come back home and take a swing with me


Walk all around that old left hand lady
Left hand swing your partner
Heads promenade the outside ring
Go all the way around, go two by two
Side couples right & left thru
Join hands, circle eight that ring
Number 1 man backtrack, everybody follow
Star left and around you go
Move that star, don't be afraid
The girls roll back, star promenade
Go home with this lady
You'll swing this baby
How about cooking something up with me?

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