Good Intentions / Let The Bells Keep Ringing
  (Windsor 4171 side A)   Robby Robertson


Head couples separate, go round the land
While 2 and 4 trail thru and there you be
Allemande that corner, Swing your partner,
honey, can't you see (you'd better)
Star promenade along with me (and show your
Good intentions, - Good intentions

Back up and chain the ladies, chain tonight (and let 'em)
Star back home, to swing your own (pretty baby)
Come swing that gal and treat her right


Walk all around the corner,
Everybody make a left hand star and here we go
All the men reach back and Box the gnat and do a dosado (pretty baby)
Then circle 8 right after that (and show your)
Good intentions - Good intentions

Swing your partner, Don't you fuss and fight (and then you)
Promenade home She wants to be your own (pretty baby)
And you're available tonight


This music is in a syncopated type of rhythm and requires somewhat different phrasing than usual. Each of the above cue lines fits an 8-beat phrase in the music. The hyphen (-) in front of each line indicates a very brief pause between
the first downbeat of the music and upbeat on which the call starts. The words enclosed in brackets () at the end of most lines are used as "tail-out" words in each 8-beat phrase, rather then the usual "pick-up" words that frequently
occur at the start of phrases in most singing square dances. A little practice with this number should qualify you to do a good job with it.

Copyright 1958.

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