Down At Papa Joe's
Dixie Belles; The Coasters; Jo Ann Castle 1963
  (Lore 1061)   Bob Augustin


Allemande left on the corner maid, come back one and promenade
Promenade, now, listen pop, pull 'em by and you go red hot
To the right hand lady with a right hand round
Back to your own with a full turn around
Corner by the right, a wrong way thar
Gents back in and star
Shoot that star, left allemande, pass right by your own
Swing the next little lady round, promenade her home
Promenade you go round that ring, get along now and hear me sing
Swing and whirl pretty little girl down at Papa Joe's

FIGURE    Basic, R-H lady progression

1st and 3rd will promenade halfway round with the pretty little maid
Lead to the right, circle 4
Head gents break and you line up 4
Forward 8 and come on back, box the gnat across the track
Join 8 hands, make a ring, circle to the left go round
Allemande left that corner girl, dosado your own
Allemande left just once again, promenade your own
Jambalaya and crawfish bisque
You'll find every kind of dish

Everybody swings a girl
Down at Papa Joe's

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