Somebody Loves You
Ted Lewis and his Band; Eddy Arnold 1932
  (MacGregor 984)   Fenton Jones


The head 2 couples a right & left thru, you turn the girls around
Whirlaway, star thru, circle 1/2 the town
Dive thru, star thru, cross trail and then
Allemande left your corners, weave this big old ring
You go in and out, out and in, when you meet your maid
Dosado just once around, all 8 promenade
Promenade that ring when you're home again
Somebody loves to swing

FIGURE    C4, unknown progression

The head 2 ladies wheel chain* across the set you go
The side two ladies do the same, walk on your heel and toe
The heads to the right, circle up 4 go walkin' down the track
Head gents break, lines of 4, go forward up and back
Pass thru, cast off 3/4 round you know
Cross trail, u-turn back, circle up 8 and go a-walkin' round that ring
Now when you're home again
Somebody loves to swing

*Wheel chain: Head ladies hook in the center with a forearm grip. Turn once and a half to the opposite man. The gent then turns the lady with a courtesy turn.

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