My Gal
Johnnie Ray; Cab Calloway 1918
  (MacGregor 973)   Fenton Jones


The heads to the right, circle left, you're walkin' down the track
Head gents break, lines of 4, go forward up and back
Pass thru, cast off 3/4 round and then
Dixie chain in the middle of the night, girls turn left, men turn right
Allemande left, 4 ladies star, men go round that ring
Allemande left, the gentlemen star, girls go round the ring
Allemande left your corner, dosado your own
Give her a twirl, promenade around that ring you roam
I'll promenade my pretty little Sal
Nobody stole my gal


Allemande left your corner, walk right by your own
A right hand swing old Sally, a left hand swing at home
The gents star right across the set, left hand swing that gal
A right to your corner, chain all 8, go right & left, turn your date
To whirlaway, star all 8, a right hand star and then
Girls roll back, pass one man, corners allemande
Dosado your partner, one time round you go
Swing on the corner like swingin' on a gate, all 8 promeno
I'll promenade a brand new pal
Somebody stole my gal

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