12th Street Rag
Bennie Moten 1919
  (MacGregor 950)   Fenton Jones


Allemande left the ladies star
The gents go round the ring
Allemande left, the gentlemen star
The girls go round that ring
Same girl, left allemande
Grand right & left you know
Hand over hand around that ring
Meet your lady, hey dosado
The gents star right across the town
You'll turn the opposite girl
Star right back across the set
A left hand swing your pearl
Balance out, bow real low, step right up, dosado
Then swing her to that Twelfth Street rag


You allemande left your corner girl
Walk right by your own
Dosado round your right hand girl
Go home and swing your own
The gents star left across the square
We'll turn the opposite dears
It's twice around, you turn them, boys
Wagon wheel and strip the gears*
Catch her by the left like a dopaso
It's corners right hand round
Partners by the left, the gents star right, go straight across the town
You turn them by the left with a pretty little whirl
Hey, swing, swing that corner girl
Swing her to that Twelfth Street rag

*Wagon wheel & strip the gears: Right forearm grip with partner. Both walk forward (CW) a 3/4 turn, then the gent spins the lady into a right face turn and as she completes the full spin, he catches her with a left forearm grip to continue the dopaso movement.

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