G'Day G'Day
Slim Dusty 1988
  (Seven C's 116)   Dave Tucker


4 ladies chain, how ya going
Chain 'em back, well strike a light
You circle left and how yer going
Just say g'day, g'day, g'day

Allemande left and weave the ring
Isn't it great to be an Aussie
Give 'em a swing and promenade
Looking in shops or buying a paper
Stopping and having a yarn with people that you meet

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

The heads (sides) square thru 4 hands around now
Meet your corner lady, swing thru
Boys trade, boys run and then bend the line
Do a right & left thru and say "how do you do"
Star thru, pass thru, allemande left you know
Come back and give 'em a swing and promenade, ole
But in the land of the kangaroo, cork hats and a didgereedo
When you meet an Aussie, ten-to-one, he'll say to you


4 ladies chain, you turn your lady
Roll away, circle left and go
4 ladies roll away, circle left I say
Allemande left and then you weave that ring
G'day, g'day, how ya going
What do you know
you promenade
G'day, g'day, and how ya going
Just say g'day, g'day, g'day and you'll be right


Swing your partner, g'day, g'day
Bow to your partner, g'day, g'day

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