Count Down   (Blue Star 2248)   Rocky Strickland

4 ladies chain, oh you turn with a left around
Now chain 'em back, turn that cutest one in town
Ladies center back-to-back, men promenade and go
One time around, same girl a dopaso
Partner left and corner by the right and partner by the left
You're gonna take her by the hand and promenade go round the land
You've been walkin' in space with a false embrace so strong
It's a count down baby, your daddy's been waiting too long

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Head couples star thru, California twirl
Then a right & left thru, turn the girl, veer left
Now couples circulate, move up, gonna wheel & deal
Then a right & left thru and turn that girl, roll away
Turn thru, trade by, to the corner lady go
Swing that lady go round and round, gonna promenade you know
That's your worry and I'm in a hurry, gotta lot of lovin' to do
And it's a count down baby, your daddy's gettin' ready to move

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