Wabash Cannon Ball   (Blue Star 2077)   Andy Petrere

4 ladies promenade go movin' round the ring
Get back and box the gnat and give her a great big swing
Join hands and circle left, go movin' round that hall
Do an allemande left with the corner, go weavin' round you go
She came down from Birmingham one cold December day
Dosado that partner boy and you promenade that way
She's the gal from Tennessee, she's long and she's tall
She came down from Birmingham on the Wabash Cannon Ball

FIGURE    Plus, corner progression

1 & 3 you promenade go half around that ring
Lead to the right and circle 4 you make a line and then
Walk up to the middle and back, load the boat and here we go
Go movin' round the ring, swing thru you go
Boys trade, turn thru, swing corner there
Swing that lady, promenade, go movin' round the square
Promenade your lady fair go walkin' round the hall
Take her home and swing her on that Wabash Cannon Ball

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