Sweet Memories   (Blue Star 2075)   Andy Petrere

4 ladies chain go straight across that ring
Roll away a 1/2 sashay, circle to the left and then
Hey ladies roll a 1/2 sashay, circle to the left and go
Do an allemande left that corner, weave that ring
Well I think about you darling all night long
Dosado the lady, promenade along
You promenade your lady, boy, go walking round in time
You left memories on my mind

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

Well those heads square thru count 'em 4 hands you go
Dosado the corner one time you know
Do a curlique, follow your neighbor
Take a peek and trade the wave
Swing thru, boys run right,
1/2 tag trade and roll go
Swing that corner girl, promenade you go
Promenade your lady fair, go walking round in time
She left sweet memories on my mind

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