Call Me Mr. Inbetween
Burl Ives 1962
  (Hi Hat 496)   Lee Schmidt


4 ladies promenade, it's once around you go
Box the gnat at home and then you swing around you know
Join your hands and circle to the left around and then
They call me Mr. Inbetween
Allemande left your corner, then you weave around the ring
Weave 'em in and out, dosado and promenade
Pickin', pickin's kinda lean, for Mr. Inbetween

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Well now the heads flutter wheel around you go
Sweep 1/4, pass thru, then a dosado
Swing thru and then, hey, the boys run right
Wheel & deal to face those 2, go right & left thru
Dive thru, square thru 3/4 round and swing
Swing the corner lady then you promenade the ring
Makes a fellow kinds mean, Mr. Inbetween


Pickin's kinda lean, for Mr. Inbetween

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