You Were Only Fooling
Kay Starr; Patsy Cline; Connie Francis; Country Gentlemen; others 1947
  (Kalox 1057)   Singin' Sam Mitchell


Now 4 little ladies chain 3/4 round the ring
Chain the ladies straight across you know
Put the ladies back-to-back, men promenade you know
Once around and the same lady do a dopaso
Why you were only fooling
Go back now, swing the corners all, promenade
Why you were only fooling me
While I was falling in love

FIGURE    Basic, unknown progression

Head ladies chain to the right, turn the girl you know
1 & 3 forward up and back, star thru
California twirl you know, dosado that corner go
Swing thru the same 2 and rock it to and fro
Girls trade, boys trade, swing the girl for me
Promenade that lady round the ring
Why you were only fooling me
While I've been falling in love

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