That Certain One
  (Lore 1136)   Bobby Keefe


4 ladies chain across that ring
Join hands, circle left and go
Roll away and circle left around that ring now
Roll away and weave around the ring
There'll always be that one
Dosado and promenade
You may love a dozen, but matter it doesn't
For there will always be that certain one

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

Heads square thru 4 hands and go
Around your corner, dosado
Swing thru, boys trade, turn & left thru now
You turn the girl and then dive thru
Square thru 3 hands around and swing
Swing and promenade that ring
Some you may remember and one may ring your finger
But there will always be that certain one


There will always be that certain one

(Turn & left thru: turn thru and courtesy turn girl beside you.)

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