Don't Stay Away Too Long
Bobby Vinton 1973
  (Kalox 1278)   Bailey Campbell


Walk around your corner lady, see saw your own
Join hands, circle left in time
Men star right and roll it round you go
Left allemande and weave the ring
Come back darling, say you love me
Dosado and promenade
We'll love again, another day
Don't stay away too long

FIGURE    Plus, corner progression

Head ladies chain across the ring, and roll a 1/2 sashay
Move up and back
Star thru, and then you circle 4, make a line
Walk up and back in time
Touch 1/4
All 8 coordinate, and the boys move up
Do a partner trade and promenade
*I love you so, but if you go
Don't stay away too long


Return to me and you will be
My melody of love

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