(Grenn 12110)   Singin' Sam Mitchell


Those 4 ladies chain, you turn the girl and then
Roll away and you circle the ring
You circle the land, do a left
, then
Allemande thar, go forward 2 I sing
Men back in go round the land, slip the clutch
Left allemande
Dosado once around then promenade
I loved her and left her but I can't forget her
Now Reno is coming back home

FIGURE    Basic, R-H lady progression

Those heads promenade you go 3/4 round
While those side ladies chain across the floor
Now sides dosado back to back around you go
Box the gnat, star right go round the floor
With the corner allemande then you walk on by your own
Swing that right hand girl and promenade
My heart's sad and blue since I walked out on you
Now your Reno is coming back home

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