Five Foot Two
The California Ramblers; Guy Lombardo; Dean Martin; many others 1925
  (Hi Hat 322)   Red Bates


4 ladies chain across I say, whirlaway, 1/2 sashay
Circle to the left around that way
Now whirlaway, don't be shy, dosado with cutie pie
Find a corner, then left allemande
It's a grand ol' right & left, go walkin' round the ring
Dosado when you meet your girl, promenade her home and sing
Five foot two, eyes of blue, oh! what those five feet can do
Has anybody seen my gal?

FIGURE    A1, corner progression

1 & 3 lead right in time, circle 4, make a line
Dance to the middle then you back away
Star thru, dosado ocean wave, hey! what d'ya know
Balance there, swing thru I say
Now spin the top, when you're through there do a right & left thru
Cross trail, corner swing, swing and promenade the ring
Take a walk around the square, take her home and swing her there
Has anybody seen my gal?

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