Last Time I Saw Her
  (Kalox 1208)   Bill Peters


4 ladies chain 3/4, turn this gal I say
Join all your hands and circle to the left, go round that way
Roll a 1/2 sashay and circle left I sing
Left allemande that corner, weave the ring
Last time I saw her, last time I saw my baby
Dosado that girl and then you promenade
Last time I saw her, *she said that she'd come back rain or shine

FIGURE    A1, corner progression

Head 2 go right & left thru, turn this girl you know
Cross trail thru, round 1 and line up 4 and go
Move it up to the middle and back and then pass thru
Chase right, go walkin' 2 by 2, boys run
Star thru and dive thru and square thru 3 hands
Swing that corner lady, gonna promenade that land
Last time I saw her, she-e-e-e was lookin' good


*She said so long, but I'll be back again

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