Your Memory Sure Gets Around
Mel Tillis 1972
  (Kalox 1130)   Vaughn Parrish


Walk all around your corner, come home dopaso
Partner left, corner right, turn partner left you know
Allemande thar, the boys back up, back along I sing
Slip the clutch, left allemande and weave the ring
Well your memory sure gets around
Do a dosado and promenade that town
I seem to hear your name in every little sound
Your memory sure gets around


Those heads roll away, pass thru, both turn left
Sides pass thru, circle 4 round the set
Break and make a line, go walkin' up and back
Square thru 6 hands around the track
Your memory wanders around
Swing the corner gal and promenade the town
He can't count to six with his fingers tied down
His memory wanders around!


Your memory sure gets around

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