Sugar Daddy
  (Kalox 1021)   Singin' Sam Mitchell


Why don't you dosado your corner, go back and swing your own
Then promenade your lady round the ring
1st and 3rd you wheel around, dosado you know
Full around to an ocean wave, just balance to and fro
Pass thru, move to the next, a right & left thru and then
You star thru, circle 4 you know, full around
Go once around and star thru, cross trail thru
Left allemande your corner, promenade go 2 by 2
Walk along, go home with sugar daddy
He's a happy go lucky man


Heads square thru you turn it 4 hands around
Dosado the outside two, go all the way around and then
Square thru the same 2, hurry don't be slow
On to the next, a right & left thru, turn the girl you know
Pass thru, u-turn back, circle up 4 and then
One time around, find the corner, allemande
Pass your partner by, swing the right hand lady round
Men star left in the middle of the ring, go one time around
Promenade along with sugar daddy
He's a happy go lucky man

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