I Love You
Johnny Cash; Elvis Presley; Al Martino 1949
  (Grenn 12086)   Ron Schneider


Allemande on the corner with the ol' left hand
Go forward 2, turn the girl by the left hand round
The men star right 3/4, a left hand turn go all the way round
Make an allemande thar, men back in you've got a right hand star
Shoot the star and box the gnat, change hands
Left allemande, come home a dosado, then promenade
I love you for a hundred thousand reasons
But most of all I love you cause you're you

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

1 & 3 roll away, star thru across the way
Square thru 4 hands around you go
When you're through bend the line, star thru
Inside arch, dive thru, pass thru, swing the corner round
Left allemande new corner, grand right & left
When you meet, you promenade her home
I love you for the funny way you smile
But most of all I love you cause you're you

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