Under The Sun
  (Top 25117)   Don Zents


Walk all around the left hand lady, see saw round your own
All 4 couples suzy-q*:
Turn opposite right, partner by the left, opposite right, partner left
Dopaso: her by left, corner right, partner left
Roll promenade go round the ring
I love you under the sun
I love you more each day

FIGURE    Basic, unknown progression

Ladies center back to the bar**, gentlemen center left hand star
Pass your partner, pick up the next
Star promenade go round that ring
Under the sun
Girls backtrack, meet partner, box the gnat
Pull by, allemande your corner, grand right & left
When you meet your lady, promenade & sing
I love you under the sun
I love you more each day

(*All 4 couples suzy-q: Men walk outside corner, meeting opposite 1/4
position to men's left, turning her right, walking outside same corner
returning to home position turning partner left, etc.)

(**Ladies center back to the bar: Lead ladies into the center back to back,
then return them to home position.)

Music -- https://www.ceder.net/recorddb/viewsingle.php?RecordId=4535