You And Your Gal
  (Top 25052)   Ed Michl


4 ladies chain here comes a new gal
Then chain 'em back, here comes your old pal
Side couples right & left thru (backaway)
You turn while the head 2 you right & left thru (backaway)
Sides face, do a grand square just halfway
Then swing right there
You promenade, go walking around that old ring
To swing, man, just you and your gal


Heads up to the middle and back, now take your time
Go to the right, circle up 4, head men break, you've got a line
Balance forward and back, then pass thru
Girls fold, star thru, frontier whirl, gents hook left make a weathervane
Now travel once around and show some style, take your time
When you're there you bend the line
Same 2 cross trail thru, take your corner, promenade you know
You're congregatin', just you and your gal

(Weathervane: from line of 4, couples facing in opposite direction,
gents hook left elbows with each other; gents also hook right elbows with
partner's adjacent left elbow. Tell dancers to take very short steps on
this figure. The men inside especially have a tendency to get ahead of
and drag along their partners.)

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